Yuzvendra Chahal’s best chance to become number-1, so many wickets to be taken in 3 ODIs against Australia

Yuzvendra Chahal - JioTvvinee
Yuzvendra Chahal

π•π•šπ• π•‹π•§π•§π•šπ•Ÿπ•–π•– – Yuzvendra Chahal’s best chance to become number-1, so many wickets to be taken in 3 ODIs against Australia. The countdown for the 3 ODIs against the Australian cricket team has started.

And at the start of the ODI match, there is only 1 week left. In this series played against Australia, not only the bowlers but also the bowlers will have a golden and unique opportunity to get a new place.

Let us tell you that the first match of the ODI series against Australia will be played on the ground of Sydney on 27 November.

The Indian cricket team’s spin bowler Yuzvendra ChahalΒ has a decent chance to score a century of the fastest wickets here.

In these 3 ODIs against Australia, he can set this record for the Indian team. These are the only three matches to make them this record.

If we look at Yuzvendra Chahal’s ODI record, we will find that he has taken 91 wickets in 51 innings of 52 matches.

And he is now just 9 wickets away from achieving 100 wickets. Chahal will become 23 Indian bowlers with 100 wickets in his ODI career with 9 wickets.

And he will also become the 9th spin bowler of the Indian team to do so. Yuzvendra Chahal has a total of 91 wickets in 52 Test matches so far.

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In such a situation, if they are successful in taking 9 wickets in their upcoming three matches, then they will achieve a big point of taking 100 wickets in 55 matches.

He would then become the first Indian bowler to take the fastest 100 wickets. So far, this record is recorded in the name of Indian team fast bowler Mohammad Shami.

Mohammed Shami had to play 56 matches taking 100 wickets. Mohammad has done the feat of taking 100 wickets in the lowest matches after all in fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah.

Yuzvendra Chahal - JioTvvinee
Yuzvendra Chahal

He took 100 wickets in 57 matches, followed by Kuldeep Yadav, the Chinese bowler of the Indian cricket team at number three.

He has 100 wickets during 58 matches. The same former India fast bowler Zaheer Khan had 65 and Ajit Agarkar had done 100 wickets in 67 matches. These two bowlers are ranked at number four and five respectively.