Sadhguru: Top success secret of the richest man

Sadhguru: Top success secret of the richest man
Sadhguru Talk

꧁𓊈𒆜🅹🅸🅾🆃🆅🆅🅸🅽🅴🅴𒆜𓊉꧂Sadhguru Talk: What I am saying If you don’t pay attention to that. So would you know what I’m saying? I do this with every aspect of life.

If you do not pay attention, you will not know what you are eating. What are you breathing?

What is happening Most people will not notice the fragrance of flowers or anything they just keep on walking.

Like a rock or like a bull because you know the bull is worshiped in the stock market. So it has to go backward in the process of development.

If you go like a bull or a bear, then go back. You have evolved to become a human being. It has taken millions of years, now you do not want to go back.

The unique thing about a human being is that we do the same things. What other animals do is just a matter of what some animals can do.

We also do the same. But we can do it consciously. This is a big difference. And nothing will come to do with awareness.

If you don’t pay enough attention to the things that you do. Or what you don’t do, especially the things you don’t do, you should be completely focused on them.

Otherwise, they will enter you. So this lack of attention has come. Because people think about education. The information is currently part of the human education system.

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A pile of information has been created for you. The more information you put on any brain. Or to say that they are filled from childhood.

There will be as much disinterest in paying attention to it because information without knowing anything gives you a small feeling. You know something.

Sadhguru: Top success secret of the richest man
Sadhguru: Top success secret of the richest man

It has now become a fashion. Today if you have been invited to a dinner party, then you open the information of 100 million galaxies on Google.

Numbers and names are also given to all of them. That Galaxy is something you know about him. You have searched on Google, read these two sentences.

And whoever talks to you goes to the party. He says how are you, you say. Hey, do you know about this galaxy which is millions of light-years away?

Whose name is whatever you talk about. Everyone thinks you are smart. This is the problem with the whole world at the moment.

We are taking the information wrong as intelligence. A person who wants to be an entrepreneur. He needs intelligence.

Information may or may not be useful. But this is intelligence. Which will enable you to pass through someone’s unique situation in a unique way.

Not like anyone else is doing. We are making the mistake of understanding information as intelligence.

Once the answers bring too much information on themselves. So you pay attention is a serious problem. When you don’t pay any attention.

When you have no ability to maintain your focus, you also lose the ability to reach your intelligence.

Sadhguru: Top success secret of the richest man
Sadhguru: Top success secret of the richest man

You just keep sending information in memory. A beautiful sentence you’ve heard about Andrew Carnegie.

He was very successful in a short time when Andrew Carnegie started his venture. And they made a lot of money.

At that time, Google or Facebook was not the era of Twitter. Where people become billionaires in 2 years.

So in those days, people had to set up industries for construction. Had to earn more money. Which used to take decades or generations.

So this man made a lot of money in a very short time, people suspected. The US government suspected that it was doing something wrong.

So he formed a committee to investigate. And asked him every possible question and he came to know that there is nothing wrong with his business.

Then he asked how did you make so much money. And how did they become so successful? So look at the very simple thing Andrew Carnegie said.

I can keep my mind focused on something continuously for 5 minutes. Can any of you do this for 5 minutes?

All the senators started wondering what is difficult in 5 minutes. And he set up the experiment. He tried to get his attention but he could not concentrate even for a few seconds.

One moment this is another moment. This is the plight of most humans, so Carnegie you should not run US rule.

So human ability is a thing called Chit. In the English language, only one word is Mind. Largely consider the Yadas part of the insult.

There are four main aspects of the mind in the yogic system. The memory part of the mind is of the least importance is the mind.

Which is associated with consciousness. And that is the most important. If you give a shape to your mind. So that shape will always be expressed because it gets power from the material of life making.

For which we are using the word consciousness in the absence of proper words. Is their basis. When your mind joins it.

So your mind takes shape. See, the mind is like a cloud. You can give him any shape. You can make him like a god.

Satan can make. Pigs can be made. You can make it what you want. It is a shapeless thing. So the shape you give to your mind will always be expressed in the world.

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Because it has the energy to build life behind it. So this is the most important aspect of the mind, is it not?

Memory, memory is important only for handling physical aspects. Ultimately an entrepreneur is just trying to handle a lot of things.

Sadhguru: Top success secret of the richest man
Sadhguru Talk

This is right. But I want the life of an entrepreneur to become a full-fledged adventure. In which, in his experience of finding new possibilities, the truth becomes something new.

Not just an economic possibility and this possibility exists in the life of an entrepreneur.

That he can turn his enterprise into a spiritual possibility and spiritual development. Or in the development of its existence.

Which I think everyone should explore. That is why we are trying to bring a spiritual element. Above all, success will come easily.

Not because of any magic, but because you have acted to your full potential. If you do you know that in schools there is a game called the three-legged race.

However, you have legs. But you will run away from things slowly. Just look at the numbers, you should be more efficient with all three.

But not so with more information, more information means that the thing is not yours. Add it to your memory. And identify with him.

As much as you do. The less effective you become. But at the moment, our teacher is to give full thought. And so is the Internet.

A 12-year-old child knows that there is a galaxy that is millions of light-years away. what is his name? Which is not good for him because it is not knowledge.

it’s no use. It will destroy your ability to defrag and above all, your attention.
Because the basis of attention is that you realize that you do not even know a particle properly in this universe.

You do not even know an atom completely, that is why you can pay attention. If you think I know this. So you cannot pay attention. Proud to be information. You can cause a lack of attention.