Priyanka memoir ‘Unfinished’, made America’s best sealing book in 12 hours, she tweeted and hope you will like the book.

Priyanka's memoir 'Unfinished', made America's best sealing book in 12 hours - JioTvvinee
Priyanka's memoir 'Unfinished', made America's best sealing book in 12 hours

JioTvvinee: If we talk about India’s famous actress Priyanka Chopra, her memoir ‘Unfinished’ became the best sealing book in the US in just 12 hours. He has given this information through his Twitter handle. Priyanka wrote in her tweet, “Thank you for making us number 1 in the US in less than 12 hours. I hope you like the book.”

Many years ago, I thought of Memoir’s name

Last Friday, well-known Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra shared the book’s cover on social media. For which he wrote in the caption – I named this memoir years ago when I did not even start writing it.

He says that being a public person for 20 years, I had a long list of which I had to personally and professionally check how unfinished I was. But the funny thing in writing a memoir is that you have to look at and think about everything differently.

At the time of covering so many things, I realized that being incomplete means a lot to me and in reality, it is one of the most common things in my life.

Share your story from the middle of the video

You would like to tell everyone that Priyanka Chopra had shared many videos one by one on her Instagram before and wrote in the caption, “Everyone is my story.” In the video, the entire journey from Priyanka’s childhood to becoming Miss World and then reaching Hollywood after struggling in Bollywood was shown through the video. Priyanka also told about her and Nick Jonas’s wedding.

Priyanka Chopra appeared in which last Bollywood film?

By the way, as a front work, Priyanka Chopra’s last Bollywood film ‘The Sky is Pink’ was seen. In which she was involved as a film producer. Apart from this, Priyanka Farhan Akhtar and Zaira Wasim also appeared in important roles.