Pinjara Khubsurti ka written update 5th February Preview: Mayura and Doctor Neil’s marriage

Pinjara Khubsurti ka written update 5th February Preview: Mayura and Doctor Neil's marriage - jiotvvinee
Pinjara Khubsurti ka written update: Mayura and Doctor Neil's marriage

Pinjara Khubsurti ka written update: Mayura will marry Neel in the upcoming episode of Pinjar beauty. Will, you split up again Omkar and Mayura.

Actually, Omkar in the show tries to win Mayura’s heart. Tries to keep him happy. But Doctor Neil tells Mayura the truth that Omkar is already married.

And he has hidden this thing from Mayura. Mayura is very shocked to hear this. And he has a lot of trouble. Hearing this, his heartbreaks.

After which, Mayura also meets Omkar. And also asks Omkar many questions. Omkar says that I will tell you all my truth. And as Mayura goes to meet Omkar the next day.

Aishwarya plays sports there. She hugs Omkar. And she tells me I love you. And she speaks a lot. After hearing that Mayura now becomes very sad.

And his heart breaks completely. Mayura leaves without meeting Omkar. Now a new twist will come into the story.

Seeing Omkar like this, Mayur will take a big decision. And he will say yes to marry Doctor Neil. However, Mayura would not happily do this relationship.

She will be very sad from the inside. But for the joy of her family, she turned down a sleepy marriage.

On the other hand, doctor Neil will go to Omkar. And will also give him his wedding card. Omkar’s senses will fly away after seeing the wedding card.

But they will not allow this to happen. He won’t let his Mayura lose again. He will not let Mayura get away from himself.

Now Omkar will be seen crossing all limits to get Mayura. In the upcoming episodes, you will see that Omkar will swear in the temple of Mata Rani.

He will say that I will stay after finding my Mayura again. Whether I have to do anything for it.

Pinjara khubsurti ka written update: Mayura’s father proposed to Mayura’s marriage to Neil

There seems to be only one way to stop Mayura and Doctor Neil’s marriage. And that is to remind Mayura of the past.

And maybe Omkar should do something similar, try to remind Mayura of his memory. But it remains to be seen if Mayura’s memory returns again.

So she will accept Omkar. Or there will be a fire of hate between the two, it will be seen that this time Omkar will be able to win the war of love.

What happened will the doctor be able to stop the marriage of Neil and Mayura. A very exciting twist will be seen in the episodes ahead of the serial Pinjara Khubsurti ka written update.