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Kundali Bhagya

In this post, we talk about the upcoming episode of Kundali Bhagya which is going to come on 14 September 2020. Karan and Preeta are going to get thrilled once again in this famous TV serial. You will see how the closeness between Karan and Preeta increases and this makes Mahira very angry.

Well, the Kundali Bhagya serial is one of the famous family TV serials. The popularity of this show is increasing very fast day by day. When Preeta’s entry in the Luthra family gets another mode in this serial.

Kundali Bhagya Preview of 14 September –Β 

Preeta is going to appear once again, trying to learn a lesson for the Luthra family and make the cause her own. On the other hand, where Charlene and Mahira who are always planning how they fail every planning of Preeta. Both of them are unable to do so even by wishing. This thing is going to be successful in its intentions.

Karan’s brother Rishabh and Sammy are understanding his brother’s condition but he is unable to speak due to the family. In this episode of September 10, 2020, you will be seen in the Kundali Bhagya TV serial that Karan is going to his grandmother’s guest house. Karan is taken by his grandmother to set up a guest house.

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Karan’s aunt and his mother will appear to agree with Karan’s decision as they are afraid that if Karan goes to sleep with her in Preeta’s room then another spectacle may arise in Luthra House. When Karan is going towards the guest house with his grandmother, his brothers Rishabh and Sammy are seen on the way. Joe is seen provoking Karan with his grandmother towards the guest house.

Sammy states with the reason that he has heard from Preeta’s mouth. Ki used to call Preeta Karan a wet cat. Upon hearing these things of Sammy, Karan does not go towards the guest’s house and goes towards Preeta’s room.

Karan is going towards Preeta’s room that by then he encounters Mahira. You are about to see in this upcoming episode that Karan is seen stopping Mahira from going towards Preeta’s room. But these things of Mahira have no effect on the cause. He nevertheless walks towards Preeta’s room.

Upon coming close to Preeta, Karan will start remembering all the old things. At the same time, Preeta will make a fun plan by seeing Mahira and Sherlyn outside her room, which causes Mahira and Sherlyn to blow their senses.

Time of Kundali Bhagy –

1. This TV serial appears onΒ Zee TVΒ four times in the entire 24 hours. The time of the serial on Zee TV is 12:00 pm, 5:30 pm day, 9:30 pm day, 11:00 pm day, 1:00 pm night and 9:30 pm is.

2. This serial named this serialΒ also comes on Zee Anmol apart from Zee TV. The arrival time of the serial on Zee Anmol is 10:30 AM and 7:00 PM. Does Serial come on Anmol only twice in the entire 24 hours?