Is human service the greatest worship?

Is human service the greatest worship - JioTvvinee
Is human service the greatest worship?

Is human service really the greatest worship, what do you think about it? Recently, a book by writer Dr. Krishna Saxena has been published. In which he has told about human service.

Is human service the greatest worship - JioTvvinee
Is human service the greatest worship?

Dr. Krishna Saxena says that human life is the most precious. Therefore, we should spend our life thoughtfully. We should not waste our precious moments of life in vain.

It is not that when you live most of your age, then we are sad about this. Regarding the fact that we have wasted a lot of our time in futile pursuits.

And you also feel sad that we could not do anything for anyone in our life. We must learn from nature and from every living creature in it.

He has tried to explain this with the dialogue of Chanakya Chandragupta Maurya. Chanakya told Chandragupta the essential lessons of life, as he said that we should keep others happy with a friend while listening to melodious music like jigger.

We must taste the darkness like an owl. So that we can become well acquainted with the truth of life. The very river teaches us that we should always be ready to face misery like happiness.

The writer mentions this story with an emphasis on spiritual practice that when a sadhu’s clothes are stolen, he is happy rather than sad. Because he will only be able to focus his attention on piety for a certain time.

The greatest worship in the household religion is to perform one’s responsibilities. There is a legend in the book that the supreme devotee of Shri Krishna considers the service of the parents as the first duty, so he also urges Krishna to stand at the door.

Dr. Krishna Saxena says that even God hears the prayers of those who do charity. Honesty with respect to each other can only strengthen human religion.

Writer Dr. Krishna Saxena, through his book, presents some stories that can enhance one’s personality and also make their life ideal.

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