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Midsommar is a Folk Horror film. It is included in the list of Hollywood Thriller Movies released in 2019. The director of this film is Ari Aster.

All detail’s about Midsommar (2019) Movie :

1. Midsommar is an English language film. It is released in Swedish English language.

2. The entire budget of this Hollywood film is cost to 8 to 10 million Doller.

3. This Hollywood thriller movie is 147 minutes total running time.

4. 3 July 2019 released in the United States and 10 July 2019 in Sweden.

5. This thriller film belongs to United States, Sweden and Hungary.


6. Sqare Peg and B Reel Films Production Company Sponcer this film.

7. Bobby Krlic has composed the music for this Hollywood picture film.

8. Pawel Pogorzelski’s Hollywood movie has been selected in this film for Cinematography.


9. In the list of the top Hollywood thriller movies released in 2019, this film has the best music Bobby Krlic.

10. Lucian Johnston edited the story of the Midsommar Hollywood film.

11. The story of this film is written by Ari Aster.

12. Midsommar Hollywood film is based on a Swedish culture.

Short story detail’s of Hollywood thriller movies Midsommar (2019) :

Midsommar is a Hollywood film full of Horror thriller. For those who like Hollywood action films, the film will be good. You will get the feel of Hollywood thriller movies after watching this film. We will tell you the entire essence of this film in less words. You will understand the whole story of this film with this conclave of Hollywood film.

A couple travels to Sweden to visit their friend’s rural hometown, but what begins as a happy renunciation goes into the hands of a pagan cult in an increasingly violent and bizarre competition.


People’s reaction to Midsommar (2019) movie :

It is a Hollywood Folk Horror thriller film. According to Google, if we tell you about the reaction of people towards this thriller film. According to GOOGLE 65% people like this film. The film gave a rating of 7.2 out of 10 according to IMDb. This action Hollywood Thriller film is one of the successful films.

Where to watch this movie :

This Hollywood thriller movies released in 2019 is included in the list.You can watch this entire movie on Amazon Prime Video.

Midsommar (2019) Hollywood Thriller Movies Received Awards :

This Hollywood thriller film released in 2019 was nominated for only two awards. The film received nomination for 35th Independent Spirit Awards and NME 2020.


Cast of Hollywood Thriller Movie (2019) :

  • As torl angstrom jarl, Doug Anderson as Sven
  • Lennart R. as Matt. Svensson, Anders Beckman as Ers
  • Rebecca Johnson as Ulika, Tow skidswall as major
  • Anders back as valentines, Anki Larson as Irma
  • Levante Puczko-Smith as Rouen, Gabriella FON as Dani’s mother
  • Zolt Bojari as Dani’s father, Kalaudia Cisaini as Terry Ardor
  • Florence Pugh as Dani Ardor, Jack Raynor as Christian Hughes
  • William Jackson Harper as Josh, Wilhelm Blomgren as Pell
  • As will poulter mark, Ellora Tarchia as Connie
  • Archie Medcave as Simon, Heinrich Norlen as Ulf
  • Gannell as Fred Siew, Isabel’s Grill as fun

  • Agnes Raasse as Dagny, Julia Ragnarson as Inga
  • Matt Blomgren as Od, Lars Warringer as Stan
  • Anna strΓΆm as Karin, Hampus Hallberg as Ingmar
  • Liv Majoness as Ulla, Louise Peterhoff as Hannah
  • Katrina Videhen as Yalwa, BjΓΆrn Andreessen as Dan