CBI said to Dimple, who had seen Sushant and Riya together on June 13, do not tell a lie that is not proof

Death was not found 1 day before death from Sushant - Riya Chakraborty
Death was not found 1 day before death from Sushant - Riya Chakraborty

It has been 5 days since Bollywood actress Riya Chakraborty was released from jail. Now he and his team together are opening a front against all those people. Who made many claims about Riya Chakravarthy and Sushant Singh Rajput.

The first name of which is Dimple Thawani living in the neighborhood of Riya. Advocate Satish Manashinde has issued a statement informing that he is the first to expose Dimple that he had told a lie.

Choose to say that you will change

In Manashinde’s statement, I have already said that once Riya gets bail and she comes out of jail, we will take action against those who have maligned Riya and get a chance for 2 minutes on the electronic media. Tried to destroy his life and morale. One of them is Dimple Thawani, a neighbor of Riya who claimed that she is a fan of Sushant.

Dimple had also said that she is Sushant’s soul mate due to premature birth. He claims that someone told him that Sushant had come to Riya to leave the house on 13 June. It is a baseless rumor that the fan spread due to media circus. She too wanted to come to Limelight and was claiming to know Sushant.

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The statement of that fan has been recorded by CBI today. And you will be happy to know what he said to the CBI in his statement. I would request all honest journalists to go to her now and record her statement of what she says. Satyameva Jayate.

CBI warns Dimple

Dimple, who lives in Riya Chakraborty’s neighborhood, has got her statement lodged with the CBI on Sunday. Dimple says that she had not seen Riya Sushant, someone else had seen. The main reason for him not appearing is that he is not comfortable. Dimple says he does not know where the man saw the two. Dimple has also been warned by the CBI not to tell a lie that is not proof.