Aakash Chopra questions Dinesh Karthik on how to step down from IPL captaincy: What to say

Aakash Chopra questions Dinesh Karthik - JioTvvinee
Aakash Chopra and Dinesh Karthik

π•π•šπ• π•‹π•§π•§π•šπ•Ÿπ•–π•– – Aakash Chopra questions Dinesh Karthik on how to step down from IPL captaincy.Β During this time, if any of the most disputed Decisions in the 13th season of IPL 2020.

It was Kolkata Knight Riders captain Dinesh Karthik to give the command of that team to Eoin Morgan after the first round.

During this time, rumors were also being raised that Dinesh Karthik could be asked to be removed from the captaincy and give it to Eoin Morgan.

And on 16 October, the rumors turned out to be true when Dinesh Kritik relinquished his captaincy.

This decision taken by Kolkata Knight Riders has been talked about for a long time whether this was the biggest reason for not being able to qualify in the IPL.

After changing the finished captain, he had to face even more defeat. Eoin Morgan captained the Kolkata Knight Riders in 7 matches, out of which the Kolkata team won only three matches.

And because of this Kolkata team could not make it to the playoffs. Now, in this case, former cricketer and commentator of the Indian cricket team, Aakash Chopra has broken his silence.

And has questioned Kritik’s decision to leave his captaincy. Sharing a video on his Facebook page.

Aakash Chopra wrote, First of all, I am very disappointed that when you win 4 matches out of the first 7 matches, then.

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You can see the performance of your next tour Want to repeat And if you succeed in repeating it, then you also qualify.

In the Delhi Capitals team, they had secured second place by scoring 16 points in the table. So if things suddenly change for you from there, then you have to think why you suddenly took the decision to change the captain.

Aakash Chopra questions Dinesh Karthik on how to step down from IPL captaincy What to say - JioTvvinee
Dinesh Karthik

Continually it is being said that he has relinquished the captaincy of his own free will but did it really happen?

Former cricketer Aakash Chopra questioned Kolkata and said that you will have to see if KKR’s team’s performance improved after you quit your captaincy.

It is worth noting that the Kolkata team could not qualify in the playoffs based on the net rain rate at number five in the table.