A bottle of ‘holy whiskey’ sold for Rs 10 crore 26 lakh, what is special about this

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A bottle of 'holy whiskey' sold for Rs 10 crore 26 lakh, what is special about this

‘Holy whiskey’ special things: A unique bottle of whiskey made in Scotland is worth 10 crore 26 lakhs. Which has recently been sold at such an expensive price.

However, this particular whiskey Bottle has been named single malt whiskey. This holy whiskey bottle has been sold in an online sale in Scotland.

What is special about whiskey Bottle –

1. It is believed that this sacred whiskey bottle was manufactured in 1926. Due to which today it is almost 60 years old.

2. According to the Daily Mail report, 14 such fine bottles of whiskey (Fine & Rare Collection) were prepared from special cask number 263 of Moray Distillery.

3. Moray Distillery’s special keg number 263 is also known as the world’s most famous WhiskyCast.

4. A total of 40 bottles of whiskey were prepared from cask number 263, but only 14 out of 40 bottles marked Fine & Rare Collection.

5. Talking about the record price of one bottle of whiskey in the world. It is Rs 15 crore 39 lakh. In 2019, this bottle of holy whiskey bottle was auctioned in a sale in London. This bottle was also packed with cask number 263.

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